Monday, 26 May 2014

6. What happened the same night - II

......Determined and focused Chodu (the dog) started walking towards the "Bhootiya Pahadi (Haunted Cliff) ".
The weather had been stormy in the evening. But now it was quiet all over. He was frightened because who knows what was waiting for him in the Bhootiya Pahadi. He had heard a lot about witches ripping dicks right out of your balls.
"kahin mera lund ukhaad liya to mai kisi ko lund dikhane k kabil nahi rahunga " 
(If any witch rips my dick apart then what will I do without one?)
He reached near a huge Banyan tree. In India it is considered that ghosts reside in the Banyan trees at night.
"Huhhhhhhhhhhhh........" he heard a voice as if of a dying man crying in pain.
He looked above at the tree. There was no one.Frightened he started walking at a rapid pace.

"Behen ka lauda Landodhar mil ja tu. Teri wahi  gaand marunga sale doggy style me"
(Landodhar, If I find you, will fuck your ass in a doggy style right now)....he murmured to himself.

He was near the river now.He had to cross the river. The water smelled like a rotten body was mixed in it. It was a wooden bridge making creaky voices as he walked over it. He could hear dogs barking on the cliff. He ran as fast as he could towards the cliff. In 20 minutes or so he was on the cliff.
There was a mayhem on the cliff.Everyone was running-Elephants,Monkeys,Fox,Cows,Bulls,Bears,Leopards-you just name the animal. Birds were chirping all over. The effect was like that of a huge fire had erupted in the Jungle.Trees had been mowed down. The      
king of the Jungle-Mr. Lion was running along with his family too.
The dogs were calling others to vacate the cliff as soon as possible.