Friday, 19 September 2014

10. An Unusual Day-The Green 'THING'

He returned home with the vessel filled with water, which he emptied it in other vessel.His mother was making breakfast for him. She asked him to get ready.
He went to his room.He couldn't take his mind 'off' Shobha Aunty. Imagining her sexy figure was making him horny. So he went to the bathroom.Time to masturbate.
He started rubbing his tool.But as time progressed his dick was becoming bigger and bigger, more than the usual size.He started to panic.How to make it small again?
"Was the dream true then?Whatever happened last night was not a dream?"
"First things first. I have to make my dick normal again else it might not fit even the size of the bathroom."
He started pouring water onto it.Taking his mind 'off' sexual things and thinking about spirituality he hoped for the dick to shrink.

"But why did the color of my dick has become GREEN?"

"Am I THE HULK of the dick world?"
"But why only the dick? Why not the entire body? "
"Did the gamma particles struck my dick that night?"

[These are the questions whose answers Lodu will have to find during his journey]
 First things first. Let's shrink the dick again.
After a lot of struggle and sessions of meditation, he somehow started controlling his mind and his dick too.
It requires a huge amount of concentration.

"Are sara din ab andar hi ghuse rahega kya?"
(Are you gonna stay there forever inside the bathroom?).......yelled his mother.

"Nikal raha hu maa, hafta ho gaya nahaye hue. Aaj to nahane do chain se! "
(It has been a week since I took a shower, at least let me do that properly!)
[Engineering students! They take showers once o twice a week and believe in saving water!]

"Chalo ab Shobha Aunty se mila jaye...."
(It's time to meet Shobha Aunty.....)