Why the name 'Lodu' ?

The term 'Lodu' means a 'loser' in Hindi language. I named the character because he is a loser in the eyes of the society. Nobody gives a damn about his talents. The definition of success is good grades/marks/percentage in your academics.People/Relatives are nice to you if you have joined a good college, else they won't even bother to talk to you.
There are so many talented students who end up choosing the wrong stream. They are forced by their parents to join degree/engineering colleges just to 'show-off' their neighbors that look, our kid too is doing engineering from 'this prestigious college'.
I have met students in my hostel who are not even capable of studying this vast syllabus. But still they are here because this is the only norm followed by youngsters after they finish their 12th.
One of the reasons may be that we are an economically developing Country. Most of the parents really want their children to have better lives and so they send them to good colleges.
I can understand with those financially weaker families.They don't have any other options. This norm is followed not only by the poor families but the rich too.Upper middle class families are also doing the same.They really don't want to know what their children want to do. What they are capable of.If you are able to clear the entrance then good, else they will still admit you into any college by paying 'donations'.
It is really very difficult to follow your passion and dreams in India. You have to study hard. You have to get the best college, a placement.....the list never end.


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