Monday, 26 May 2014

6. What happened the same night - II

......Determined and focused Chodu (the dog) started walking towards the "Bhootiya Pahadi (Haunted Cliff) ".
The weather had been stormy in the evening. But now it was quiet all over. He was frightened because who knows what was waiting for him in the Bhootiya Pahadi. He had heard a lot about witches ripping dicks right out of your balls.
"kahin mera lund ukhaad liya to mai kisi ko lund dikhane k kabil nahi rahunga " 
(If any witch rips my dick apart then what will I do without one?)
He reached near a huge Banyan tree. In India it is considered that ghosts reside in the Banyan trees at night.
"Huhhhhhhhhhhhh........" he heard a voice as if of a dying man crying in pain.
He looked above at the tree. There was no one.Frightened he started walking at a rapid pace.

"Behen ka lauda Landodhar mil ja tu. Teri wahi  gaand marunga sale doggy style me"
(Landodhar, If I find you, will fuck your ass in a doggy style right now)....he murmured to himself.

He was near the river now.He had to cross the river. The water smelled like a rotten body was mixed in it. It was a wooden bridge making creaky voices as he walked over it. He could hear dogs barking on the cliff. He ran as fast as he could towards the cliff. In 20 minutes or so he was on the cliff.
There was a mayhem on the cliff.Everyone was running-Elephants,Monkeys,Fox,Cows,Bulls,Bears,Leopards-you just name the animal. Birds were chirping all over. The effect was like that of a huge fire had erupted in the Jungle.Trees had been mowed down. The      
king of the Jungle-Mr. Lion was running along with his family too.
The dogs were calling others to vacate the cliff as soon as possible.

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

5. What happened the same night

Meanwhile Chodu (Landodhar's dog) was worried as his Master and friend was nowhere to be seen.

Enters Chameli- the hottest bitch in the town.

"woof woof...."

"Khuli hai meri gaand , lund k sang taan le aand
 Samjhu me kya tujhe , Aaj chodega mujhe?"
"It is open like a hall ,tighten your dick along with the ball(s)
 Forget your fear ,Will you fuck me dear?"

Can we have quick session?" asked Chameli (Chodu's so-called slut-cum-girlfriend).

"Get away. Not in the mood tonight" replied Chodu.

"What?? Is something wrong with you?Are you high on weed?" (Yes Chodu too smoked weed as his master Landodhar being a fucked up engineering student always chose weed as his only stress buster).
"The only real fucker of this town is whisking away the hottest bitch. Ok i will manage with Tommy tonight."...said Chameli hoping this might change his mind.

But Chodu really was not in the mood.

"Whatever"...said Chodu thinking how would he search his master.He shouldn't have left Landodhar alone for this bitch.

He left Chameli in search of his master. He kept asking his reliable sources(other dogs) whether they knew anything about Landodhar.Nobody had any idea. He then came across Kalia-the crow.

"Landodhar ko dekha kya kahi tumne?"
(Did you saw Landodhar anywhere?)

"Jungle ki taraf jate dekhe the shaam ko. Bhootiya Pahadi ki taraf gaya hoga."
(Saw him going towards the woods late in the evening. May be he would have gone towards the haunted cliff).....replied Kalia.

"Bhootiya Pahadi?(Haunted Cliff?)"
The name sent shivers down his bones.
The cliff on which Landodhar went to commit suicide was a haunted place. Nobody ever, Never ever, Ever ever, Never ever.... (yes i do watch The Newshour on TimesNow and this quote was used by Arnab against Meenakshi Lekhi),....went to the cliff and roamed near it.There were rumors about witches roaming and screaming around that location.

"Chutiye ki gaand nahi phati kya wahaan jane se?"
(Didn't that stupid felt any fear going near it?)

"Saala raat k andhere me wahaan kya karne gaya hoga? Chudail ko chodne to nahi gaya? Aise bhi aajkal bahut frustrated lag raha tha"
(Why did he went there in the dark? Did he went to fuck the witches? Lately he looked very much frustrated!)
....Chodu laughed at himself.

But this was not the time to laugh. This was time to show some loyalty towards his master.This was time to find his best friend. A friend who took Chodu from the streets when he was a puppy and brought him home. Landodhar had fought with his parents on numerous occasions for this orphan puppy.
This flashback brought tears in his eyes.
Determined and focused he started walking towards the "Bhootiya Pahadi (Haunted Cliff) ".


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

4. An Unusual Day

It was early in the morning. Around 5 am. He woke up. There was a strong smell(of semen). He thought may be he had a nightfall. But how could the smell be so strong?The whole area was smelling with the Sperfume (Sperm+Perfume). His clothes were torn.Needed something to cover his body and go home.
It was dark.So this was the best time to go steal some clothes.
The snake was nowhere to be seen.
"Shayad koi bura sapna tha..."
(May be it was a bad dream.)
"Kabhi Saanp wala lund bhi ho sakta hai kya?"
(Can a dick with a snake on it be ever possible?)......laughed Landodhar at himself.
While walking down the cliff he could feel a sudden flow of energy in his veins.He thought he could run faster.So he started running towards the town.


Sunday, 11 May 2014

3. Back to the Cliff - The Huge Snake

He woke up at around 2 am.The storm was nowhere.Trees around him had been burnt down by the fierce effect of lightening. Landodhar saw a huge snake in front of him. A snake whose size was bigger than that of Anaconda.It's length was in miles,ran deep into the woods.He couldn't see the snake's mouth but observed that it's end point was connected to his penis.
"Ye nahi ho sakta!"...
(This is not possible!)
...screamed Landodhar.
Thinking himself to be dead and possibly in hell , he went back to sleep again.

2. The Past

His name was Landodhar. A normal Indian student.Born in a middle class family.A place where parents are never happy about their kids,their achievements.You pass in the exam,they want you to score 60%.You score 60,they want 70.Their expectations never end because Mr. Sharma's kid is always there to be compared to.
"Sharma ji ki ladki ko dekho 95% aye hain,ek hamara landodhar hai abhi bhi 70 pe atka hua hai.Beta kabhi hame bhi sir uthake society me ghumne ka mauka do"
(Look at Sharma's daughter she has got 95%, our Landodhar is still stuck at 70.When are you gonna make us proud,son?)
Landodhar was not a dumb kid.It was just that he never liked the idea of mugging up the entire text book and vomiting it everything the next morning into the answer sheet.He always wanted to learn something new.He could fix anyone's computer in the neighborhood.People used to consult him on which IPL team to bet on.
He scored 70-80 % from 6th standard to 10th. 84% in 10th.When you are in 10th std. throughout the year you are told-"Ye tumhari zindagi ka sabse imp. time hai. Bas is saal padh lo beta.Iske baad life set hai.jam kar mehnat karo"
"This is the most important year of yoyr life.Just work hard this year.After that life is fully set!"
This dialogue is again repeated in 12th std and also when you enter into an engineering college.Only the number of years change from 'this' to 'these 4 years'.(Just work hard these 4 years).

Following are the categories according to which your fate is decided in India:
                    percentage         -   stream
                    more than 70%  -  Science
                    50-70 %            -  Commerce
                    below that         -  Arts
[The answer is 'NO' to your question whether you can decide yourself about which field you are interested in. ]
Landodhar wanted to join Arts.But since his score was 80 so he was pushed into the Science stream.Thus life was too boring for him now.Somehow he managed to get through those 2 years of high school.After passing 12th he gave all the entrance exams of engineering - IIT,JEE,AIEE,State level. He scored average in all the exams and thus got admitted into a normal engineering college.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

1. The Beginning

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The weather was stormy.He was standing on the cliff watching over his town.Frustrated and unhappy with his life he knew that he can't carry on with the way things were going on.With moist eyes he remembered his only true companion-his dog "Chodu"(Fucker). The boy wished his life was as simple as that of his dog.All the dogs in his vicinity felt the same too.
Suddenly a mild breeze started blowing.An idea came into his mind.He hadn't masturbated in the nature's arms before.The whole town was in front of him.Before leaving this life he just wanted to shake it off for the last time and spray his cum on this cruel town.A town which never gave him any happiness.He started doing the only job he considered himself to be good at.He had never felt so relaxed and relieved in his entire life.What was happening here?Suddenly the mood of committing suicide was fading away.He wanted to live again and fuck the whole bitches in the town.
But "The One " sitting above had some other plans.The weather changed drastically.Storm and lightening took over.A huge,powerful lightening struck the cliff and the boy's 'tool'.In Hindi we call it-"Laude lag gayewhich means it didn't went according to the plan.
The boy was now laying dead on the secluded cliff.