Saturday, 10 May 2014

1. The Beginning

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The weather was stormy.He was standing on the cliff watching over his town.Frustrated and unhappy with his life he knew that he can't carry on with the way things were going on.With moist eyes he remembered his only true companion-his dog "Chodu"(Fucker). The boy wished his life was as simple as that of his dog.All the dogs in his vicinity felt the same too.
Suddenly a mild breeze started blowing.An idea came into his mind.He hadn't masturbated in the nature's arms before.The whole town was in front of him.Before leaving this life he just wanted to shake it off for the last time and spray his cum on this cruel town.A town which never gave him any happiness.He started doing the only job he considered himself to be good at.He had never felt so relaxed and relieved in his entire life.What was happening here?Suddenly the mood of committing suicide was fading away.He wanted to live again and fuck the whole bitches in the town.
But "The One " sitting above had some other plans.The weather changed drastically.Storm and lightening took over.A huge,powerful lightening struck the cliff and the boy's 'tool'.In Hindi we call it-"Laude lag gayewhich means it didn't went according to the plan.
The boy was now laying dead on the secluded cliff.

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