Saturday, 24 May 2014

5. What happened the same night

Meanwhile Chodu (Landodhar's dog) was worried as his Master and friend was nowhere to be seen.

Enters Chameli- the hottest bitch in the town.

"woof woof...."

"Khuli hai meri gaand , lund k sang taan le aand
 Samjhu me kya tujhe , Aaj chodega mujhe?"
"It is open like a hall ,tighten your dick along with the ball(s)
 Forget your fear ,Will you fuck me dear?"

Can we have quick session?" asked Chameli (Chodu's so-called slut-cum-girlfriend).

"Get away. Not in the mood tonight" replied Chodu.

"What?? Is something wrong with you?Are you high on weed?" (Yes Chodu too smoked weed as his master Landodhar being a fucked up engineering student always chose weed as his only stress buster).
"The only real fucker of this town is whisking away the hottest bitch. Ok i will manage with Tommy tonight."...said Chameli hoping this might change his mind.

But Chodu really was not in the mood.

"Whatever"...said Chodu thinking how would he search his master.He shouldn't have left Landodhar alone for this bitch.

He left Chameli in search of his master. He kept asking his reliable sources(other dogs) whether they knew anything about Landodhar.Nobody had any idea. He then came across Kalia-the crow.

"Landodhar ko dekha kya kahi tumne?"
(Did you saw Landodhar anywhere?)

"Jungle ki taraf jate dekhe the shaam ko. Bhootiya Pahadi ki taraf gaya hoga."
(Saw him going towards the woods late in the evening. May be he would have gone towards the haunted cliff).....replied Kalia.

"Bhootiya Pahadi?(Haunted Cliff?)"
The name sent shivers down his bones.
The cliff on which Landodhar went to commit suicide was a haunted place. Nobody ever, Never ever, Ever ever, Never ever.... (yes i do watch The Newshour on TimesNow and this quote was used by Arnab against Meenakshi Lekhi),....went to the cliff and roamed near it.There were rumors about witches roaming and screaming around that location.

"Chutiye ki gaand nahi phati kya wahaan jane se?"
(Didn't that stupid felt any fear going near it?)

"Saala raat k andhere me wahaan kya karne gaya hoga? Chudail ko chodne to nahi gaya? Aise bhi aajkal bahut frustrated lag raha tha"
(Why did he went there in the dark? Did he went to fuck the witches? Lately he looked very much frustrated!)
....Chodu laughed at himself.

But this was not the time to laugh. This was time to show some loyalty towards his master.This was time to find his best friend. A friend who took Chodu from the streets when he was a puppy and brought him home. Landodhar had fought with his parents on numerous occasions for this orphan puppy.
This flashback brought tears in his eyes.
Determined and focused he started walking towards the "Bhootiya Pahadi (Haunted Cliff) ".


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