Sunday, 11 May 2014

2. The Past

His name was Landodhar. A normal Indian student.Born in a middle class family.A place where parents are never happy about their kids,their achievements.You pass in the exam,they want you to score 60%.You score 60,they want 70.Their expectations never end because Mr. Sharma's kid is always there to be compared to.
"Sharma ji ki ladki ko dekho 95% aye hain,ek hamara landodhar hai abhi bhi 70 pe atka hua hai.Beta kabhi hame bhi sir uthake society me ghumne ka mauka do"
(Look at Sharma's daughter she has got 95%, our Landodhar is still stuck at 70.When are you gonna make us proud,son?)
Landodhar was not a dumb kid.It was just that he never liked the idea of mugging up the entire text book and vomiting it everything the next morning into the answer sheet.He always wanted to learn something new.He could fix anyone's computer in the neighborhood.People used to consult him on which IPL team to bet on.
He scored 70-80 % from 6th standard to 10th. 84% in 10th.When you are in 10th std. throughout the year you are told-"Ye tumhari zindagi ka sabse imp. time hai. Bas is saal padh lo beta.Iske baad life set hai.jam kar mehnat karo"
"This is the most important year of yoyr life.Just work hard this year.After that life is fully set!"
This dialogue is again repeated in 12th std and also when you enter into an engineering college.Only the number of years change from 'this' to 'these 4 years'.(Just work hard these 4 years).

Following are the categories according to which your fate is decided in India:
                    percentage         -   stream
                    more than 70%  -  Science
                    50-70 %            -  Commerce
                    below that         -  Arts
[The answer is 'NO' to your question whether you can decide yourself about which field you are interested in. ]
Landodhar wanted to join Arts.But since his score was 80 so he was pushed into the Science stream.Thus life was too boring for him now.Somehow he managed to get through those 2 years of high school.After passing 12th he gave all the entrance exams of engineering - IIT,JEE,AIEE,State level. He scored average in all the exams and thus got admitted into a normal engineering college.

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