Wednesday, 14 May 2014

4. An Unusual Day

It was early in the morning. Around 5 am. He woke up. There was a strong smell(of semen). He thought may be he had a nightfall. But how could the smell be so strong?The whole area was smelling with the Sperfume (Sperm+Perfume). His clothes were torn.Needed something to cover his body and go home.
It was dark.So this was the best time to go steal some clothes.
The snake was nowhere to be seen.
"Shayad koi bura sapna tha..."
(May be it was a bad dream.)
"Kabhi Saanp wala lund bhi ho sakta hai kya?"
(Can a dick with a snake on it be ever possible?)......laughed Landodhar at himself.
While walking down the cliff he could feel a sudden flow of energy in his veins.He thought he could run faster.So he started running towards the town.


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