Thursday, 22 December 2016

20. Fantastic Dicks...- 5

The shivering cold body of hers needed the warmth of a man. Charan could not keep her waiting as he himself was eager to explore the body of a newly wed which was still unexplored.

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Friday, 16 December 2016

19. Fantastic Dicks and How to Suck them-4

She kept him unanswered. Still, they met every morning. Landurika used to stay late at the river bank, washing clothes. Her friends used to ask her why she stayed late. She replied that her husband had warned her not to leave any stains on his clothes, else she will have to face the consequences.
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Saturday, 10 December 2016

18. Fantastic Dicks and How to Suck them-3

Charan started following her. How couldn't he? It seemed to him that he was possessed by the mysterious beauty. He couldn't stop thinking about her. One day, Landurika was late in finishing things at the bank of the river. Everyone had left by then and early morning darkness had made way to the beautiful golden rays of Sun.
He thought it be the best chance he would ever get to talk to this beautiful lady.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

17. Fantastic Dicks....

They called her a witch. But nobody understood what it was to die without a proper 'satisfaction'. Her husband was an old ailing guy who hardly had an erection in his entire life. He married Landurika when she was just 14.
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

16. Fantastic Dicks and How to Suck them

There was Mayhem in the town of Landpur. Married men were dying or killed every alternate day.
The news spread like fire but was kept to adults only. Landodhar came to knew about these incidents when he was 'servicing' Dr. Suhani.
Suhani was not in best of her moods. Her mind was wandering somewhere else. Landodhar was trying his best to satisfy her but she wasn't enjoying today.
He thought asking her about the reason for such behaviour would be a good idea.
'You seem to be a little bit off today, what's bothering you?'
'There is something odd happening in our town. For the past few days, I have been watching weird dead bodies in my Hospital. All of them are males and it looks like they died due to excessive sexual intercourse. Even after their death, their corpses have smiles on their faces. As if, they enjoyed what they were doing in their final moments.'

'Did the police booked those patients' wives?'
'No, all the ladies denied having sex with their partners. Most of them have been having extra-marital affairs. But they told that their husbands were behaving strangely these days. '

'Strange? What do you mean by that? '
'The wives said that they hadn't seen their husbands so happy in their married life. Ever. Since the past few days, they used to lock their rooms and talk to someone. A woman may be. Sounds of their husbands laughing and having orgasms could be heard from their rooms.'
'They could be hallucinating and masturbating at the same time.'
'That could have been true but the ladies said they also a woman laughing from their husband's room. But they never saw the woman leaving that room. Many of them stayed awake just to catch that 'witch'- as they called her.'

'Strange it is. We will have to investigate the matter. No more people die in Lundpur now.'

Friday, 11 November 2016

15. Lodu gets his girl....?

After beating the crap out of the Chomu gang, Lodu went to attend his classes. As he sat on the last bench, his eyes started looking for not the prettiest girl in his class but the kindest one. 
There she was, sitting in the front row, listening to the teacher's words attentively. But in between, her eyes too met Landodhar's. This had been going on for quite a days now. And Landodhar being a shy guy, never had the courage to even speak with her. She had this feeling that some day he would talk to her. 
Landodhar decided that he will talk to her today. His teacher asked him some difficult questions, just to make fun of. But to everyone's surprise, he answered all of them correctly. His girl was impressed today.
The bell rang and everyone started going for lunch. But Chandra, was still sitting in the class. As if she was waiting for Landodhar to make the move. Soon the class was vacated leaving behind these two. Lodu was surprised that Chanda was still in the class.
'Aren't you planning to eat today?'..... After mustering all the courage in the world, Landodhar finally talked to her.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

14. A New Beginning

After finishing his fight with the boars, Lodu came home. He had to go to college next day. So he slept peacefully for the first time in his life.
This was a morning of joy and happiness for him. Never in his entire life had he felt so powerful and confident. He left for college on his bike.
Chomu and his gang were waiting to humiliate Lodu, as they always did.
'Hey Lodu, thought we will never see you again in this campus. You forgot the beating we gave you last time?'
Everyone started laughing.
"No, I didn't forget. In fact, I thought I should come back to help others from getting abused.'
'What did you said? Help others? How are you gonna do that? You will fight us?'
" Depends on you. If you behave yourself properly, I might not have to take that extreme step."
'Oooooh, we're scared right now. In fact, we might shit in our pants. Lodu, it's time for us to teach you some lessons. You must have forgotten how we punished you last time. Boys, bring him here.'
Following their boss' orders, Keeda and others tried to attack Lodu. But Lodu was quick on his reflexes.
He ducked the punch from Keeda and kicked him on his knee. He fell down in pain. Others were surprised at Lodu's abilities.
But still they had to beat him. So they went at him more aggressively.
But Lodu was no match for them. He kicked and punched each one of them. Everyone was lying on the ground, cursing him in pain.
Chomu sensed that he might be in trouble against a powerful and rejuvenated Lodu. So he fled while giving Lodu some warnings.