Saturday, 5 July 2014

9. An Unusual Day-III

"Uth ja Kutte....!"
(Wake up, you Dog!)
......Landodhar's Mother yelled at him.

"Uth ja nahi to pit jana hai aaj tune tere baap ka haath. Ja kameene peene ka pani bhar la"
(If you don't, then your Dad is gonna kick you so early in the morning. Go bring drinking water).
Yes, there was the problem of drinking water in his town. People used to hang drums/cans/containers to their bicycles via a hook(which is in the shape of an 'S') , go to the near by Army Camp, stand in a queue, sometimes quarrel with others to fill their vessels first.
The Municipality guys never cared or listened to the complaints of people. Here in India we are usually not aware of our rights. We think the the politicians, the police, the bureaucracy are doing a favour on us by being in their respective positions.

He woke up, took the drum/can and went to fetch some water.
He observed that Chodu was nowhere to be seen.
Usually Chodu used to follow his bicycle everyday he when would go to bring water.
"Where must this dog have gone?"
The place was 4 kms away but he reached there in five minutes. He could run fast, work fast on the pedals .
Shobha Aunty was always there waiting for Landodhar. She liked talking to him. He had a huge crush on her. Her bulgy body wrapped in a saree, boobs about to burst out of her blouse, exposed navel. She was a bomb. Landodhar wanted to bang her but damn, she was married and her husband would kill him.
So better concentrate on being polite and do the talking.

"Good morning, Aunty."....he greeted her.
"Good morning, Beta(Son). You look very nice today. Were you with your girlfriend last night?"....she teased him.

"Are you kidding? How can a loser like me have a girlfriend?"
"Oh you are not a loser. You have much talent hidden inside. You just don't bring those things outside."

"It's just that you are so kind, Aunty. That's why you are praising me."
"Your time will come Landodhar. And then don't forget your Shobha Aunty."

"I will not.How is your husband?"
"He doesn't come home often these days. Says he is too busy. Iam getting bored. I have got nothing to do in my spare time. May be you could come home in the noon. I will show you how I make pickles."

"Oh those tasty pickles of yours.Wow. I will definitely come."
"OK then. See you."

"OK bye Aunty."
She went to her home and Landodhar started filling the container/vessel.