Sunday, 14 June 2015

12. Testing his Powers

'It is capable of satisfying a lady. But what else can it do?'
  He went to the library to know all about the sudden largeness of a penis. Went through everything-all sections. But could not find any article related to the state in which he was.
He even read the ancient scripts but there was nothing related to it. He could  have gone to his doctor  and shown him the situation  of his penis. But he didn't wanted to get embarrassed in front of the whole lot of people outside the hospital.
But he needed to see someone immediately.So he went to  one of his mom's friends- Dr. Suhani Sharma. She was one of those people who used to criticize him a lot.How could he face a lady as weird as this one who never lost an opportunity to ridicule him?He had to. There was nobody else whom he knew though.

"Aao Landodhar, aaj Suhani Aunty kaise yaad aa gayi?"(Welcome Landodhar, it's surprising to see you visiting me!)
"Ek problem ho gayi hai Aunty."(I have gotten into a situation, Aunty.)
 "Agar exam me fail ho gaye ho to mai tumhari koi madad nahi kar sakti.Kuch aur ho to batao. "(If you have failed in the exam again then I can't help you.Is there anything else?)
"Nahi wo baat nahi hai.Mai aapko ek cheez dikhana chahta hu.(No, it's not about the exams.I want to show you something.)
He showed her penis.
Dr. Sharma couldn't believe what she just saw.
This was something out of her scope and experience.