Friday, 8 January 2016

13. Testing his powers-2

Dr. Suhani was insisting on getting the tests done. He refused and left the place.
He lie down on the bed thinking.
'I must set outside when it's dark. Will go into the woods and see what else is it capable of?'
He checked whether his parents were sleeping or not. He planned to go out alone.
But as a loyal one to his master, Chodu followed him.
He went to the same place where the incident took place. He could see the damage his tool had done to the trees around. He was wondering whether he did this or some wild animals.
He wanted to check if he could do it again. Tried hard. But couldn't get his thing to erect.
How to get an election?
How does we all get one?
Started to think about his fantasy.
And he got one.
He realized that he could make it as large as possible. It broke a tree nearby with its immense strength.
Now Lodu realized the amazing powers he had acquired.
Suddenly Chodu started barking. As Lodu went to see why was he barking, he could see a group of wild boars approaching.
Any other day they would have definitely got killed.
But it was his day. It was Lodu's day.
He was beaming with self confidence.