Thursday, 2 October 2014

11. An Unusual Day- The Open Invitation

"tring tring"....
"Who is it?"
"It's Landodhar, Shobha Aunty. Please open the door."
"Coming, Beta."

She opened the door. Both exchanged smiles.
"It's very nice to see you finally at my place, Beta".
"It's my pleasure to be here".
"Please come in."

"You have dressed up very nicely. Looking beautiful in this red saree of yours. Are you going somewhere?"
"(I wish I could lay my hands on her saree right now)"---he thought.
"No, I am not going anywhere. I was getting ready for you only....."
"What???"....screamed Landodhar in joy.
"No, I mean, do I have to accompany you somewhere, to the market or outside?"
"No, Dear. You have to accompany me in the inside- in the bedroom."

"I didn't get it, Aunty..."---said Landodhar innocently.
"I know you understand everything. You are not a child anymore. You are already having an erection. Let's go inside."

"But, Aunty I don't know anything. I haven't done it before."
"Don't worry. You don't have to do anything. I will teach you everything- How it's done!"

The action then switched to the bedroom.
"So tell me honestly. Were you fantasizing about me for the past few days.....?"
"Not just for the past few days. I have been fantasizing about you since the time I saw you first. "
"Is it so? So all these days you were talking to me, you wanted to have sex with me?"
"Yes, Aunty. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."
"And you are the most honest person I have ever met. I think we should stop talking now."

She started kissing him. Both were passionate about each other. Just having the idea that he is going to fuck his fantasy made him horny. His dick started growing. He didn't had any control over his dick. It went on growing larger and larger. Shobha Aunty who was on top of Landodhar, was now sitting on his enlarged penis, which was now occupying the entire room.

"What is happening here? Am I dreaming?"
"You are not dreaming, Aunty. This is real."
"But it is not possible for a man to have such a huge dick. How did you manage to do this. Have you taken any special pills? Have you visited any Baba( a saint/ spiritual person)? "
"It's a long story. I will explain it later. But for the time being, why don't you enjoy the ride? You have the opportunity of satisfying yourself like you have been never before."
"But I can't take such a huge dick inside of me. Can you make it smaller?"
"I will try."

He started concentrating. Applying whole strength, he started to manage his dick. Like a remote control, he could alter the size of his dick. He reduced the size to 10 inches. Shobha Aunty took his dick in her mouth. Not only his dick was special, it smelled very nice.
"You applied perfume on your dick?"
"No, it is natural."
"Your organ is so special, Landodhar. It is hypnotizing me. Like I am going to be your slave for my whole life."
"You are sucking it very well. I think it is time I penetrate you."
"Yes, Landodhar please do it. I haven't been fucked for months.Please fuck your   Aunty...."
Landodhar was now on top of her. He stroked her. He sucked her boobs. He fucked her in every position. Shobha Aunty was never fucked for more than 2 minutes in her life. But this activity was now going on for more than 30  minutes. She had reached multiple orgasms during this time.

"I think I am gonna cum, Shobha Aunty"
"Please do it on my face"
Probably Shobha Aunty didn't knew what was in store for her.
Landodhar ejaculated so much sperm that Shobha Aunty's whole body was covered with the cum.
"I think I should go for a shower now"
"That will be good."
She went to the bathroom with all those questions in her mind regarding the amazing powers of his dick.