Saturday, 26 March 2016

14. A New Beginning

After finishing his fight with the boars, Lodu came home. He had to go to college next day. So he slept peacefully for the first time in his life.
This was a morning of joy and happiness for him. Never in his entire life had he felt so powerful and confident. He left for college on his bike.
Chomu and his gang were waiting to humiliate Lodu, as they always did.
'Hey Lodu, thought we will never see you again in this campus. You forgot the beating we gave you last time?'
Everyone started laughing.
"No, I didn't forget. In fact, I thought I should come back to help others from getting abused.'
'What did you said? Help others? How are you gonna do that? You will fight us?'
" Depends on you. If you behave yourself properly, I might not have to take that extreme step."
'Oooooh, we're scared right now. In fact, we might shit in our pants. Lodu, it's time for us to teach you some lessons. You must have forgotten how we punished you last time. Boys, bring him here.'
Following their boss' orders, Keeda and others tried to attack Lodu. But Lodu was quick on his reflexes.
He ducked the punch from Keeda and kicked him on his knee. He fell down in pain. Others were surprised at Lodu's abilities.
But still they had to beat him. So they went at him more aggressively.
But Lodu was no match for them. He kicked and punched each one of them. Everyone was lying on the ground, cursing him in pain.
Chomu sensed that he might be in trouble against a powerful and rejuvenated Lodu. So he fled while giving Lodu some warnings.

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