Sunday, 1 June 2014

7. What happened the same night - III

The dogs were calling others to vacate the cliff as soon as possible.
Soon the cliff was vacant. Chodu thought of checking the length of the snake and went after it. But as he started doing so ,the head of the snake suddenly appeared before him.
It was a weird kind of snake.It's head was like no other snakes'. It was pink in color, like a dick.It started wreaking havoc like a mad bull. May be it was out of control. To protect himself from getting killed, Chodu fought with the big snake. He was no match to the agile and strong competitor. But somehow Chodu grabbed on to the snake's neck and started climbing towards the top(to the head).Not only the snake resembled a penis but it also smelt like one.

"Ye Gandh to bilkul wasi hai jab Landodhar hila ke bathroom se ya jhaadi se bahar aata tha .Par aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Landodhar ka lund kat k bada saanp kaise ban gaya?"
"The smell is same as that of Landodhar's semen.I have smelled it many-a-times when he used to come out of the bathroom and sometimes out of the bushes behind the house."

[Each human(male) has a unique smell associated with his semen.But only dogs know this as only they can smell it that precisely.]

"Kahin ye NARK ka koi prani to nahi? "
("Is it possible that this creature came out from the dark world(the Hell)?" )
May be or may be not.

He bit the snake in the process and urinated on its head. This made the snake furious . It threw down the dog . Now Chodu couldn't run away from the snake as he was surrounded by two huge rocks.
 It started shaking vigorously. Chodu was trembling. After a couple of minutes the snake ejaculated loads of semen on Chodu's face.
The Dog who 'came out' on lots of bitches' face was getting a taste of his own medicine.
After ejaculating on Chodu, the snake started shrinking. And within a few minutes it disappeared in the woods.
Chodu was in a shock.He couldn't believe what happened there. Cursing both -the snake and his master for the sitauation he went towards the river to clean himself.    

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